Sunday, 22 November 2009

Easy To Understand Poker Terminology

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the terminology we are going to be using in this blog.

The terminology is as follows:

s = suited. Example: 78c = seven and eight, both of the same suit.

o = offsuit. Example: A9o = ace and nine, both of different suits.

c = clubs, h = hearts, s = spades, d = diamonds. Example: 5h9d = five of hearts and nine of diamonds.

UTG = Under the gun (first to act before the flop).

EP = Early position (the first three seats to act after the big blind, before the flop.)

MP = Middle position (the middle two or three seats)

LP = Late position (The last two seats)

The Button = The player who has the dealer button in front of them. This player has the best position at the table.

Check-raising = Checking, with the intention of raising if someone else bets further down the table.

*Note that the symbol "s" is used for "suited" and also for "spades." You will know how to read it in the correct context when you see it. If both cards have letters after them then the letters denote the suit. If only the last card has a letter after it then that denotes suited or offsuit.

So in this example: Tc8s you know that the 's' is referring to "spades," and in this example: 98s you know that the 's' means "suited."

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