Friday, 20 November 2009

Where you will Play Poker to make $1000 easily

We are going to take $20 of your money and turn it into $1,000, through a carefully laid out step by step plan designed to bring you the best chance of success.  It is vitally important that you follow the program exactly and do not get tempted to place your own interpretation on things (*usually this means playing more hands than you should!)


The very first thing you need to do is to CLICK HERE to download Pokerstars.

If you already have a Pokerstars account, you can CLICK HERE to download Pacific Poker.

It's a small download and won't take too long.  These sites are where we are going to make you $1,000.  You must have these poker applications installed to do this course.  Once you have downloaded the programs, install them and continue reading.

Now that you have installed Pokerstars and Pacific Poker, you have the tools required to make $1000 easily.

Ideally, I am aiming to turn your $20 into $1,000 in less than a month.  I believe I can get you up to a sufficiently high standard of play *if you are willing to have fun whilst learning.*

Optimal Timescale - Assumes 5 big bets/hr avg. earn rate (which is very high but achievable in low limits on Pokerstars and Pacific Poker.)

This is how your bankroll should progress by following this course:

(The first number is the stakes you will be playing at, the next is the time spent at these stakes, and the final is how much money you should make at that level, before moving up.)
  • 5c/10c  -    20-40 hours  -  $20 > $40
  • 10c/20c  -  20-40 hours  -  $40 > $80
  • 25c/50c  -  20-50 hours  -  $80 > $200
  • 50c/$1  -    20-40 hours  -  $200 > $400
  • $1/$2  -      20-50 hours  -  $400 > $1000
Our ideal goal is therefore to have your $1,000 successfully made within 100-220 playing hours.

Since we are dealing with random statistical variances, there is naturally no sure-fire way of achieving this with 100% certainty.  You are perpetually at the mercy of the poker gods, and your bankroll will swing mercilessly all over the place!

This is something you should get used to very early on, as it will happen constantly throughout your poker career.  Being a professional gambler is about exploiting mathematical edges, but you will always be at the mercy of random chance in the short term.  If you suffer a run of big losses we will drop back down to a lower tier and work our way back up.

I will show you how to consistently make money.

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